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  In order to eliminate the surface oil in the production process of aluminum strip, the bent and proper cleaning production line is adopted. However, it is not recommended for the user to clean the ribbon in the actual use process. If there is no professional equipment and professional equipment to clean the ribbon, neutral liquid is used and there is no corrosion on the surface of aluminum strip, dry treatment will be carried out after cleaning and alumina will be avoided, The aluminum plate manufacturer is now using the wrong cleaning method for the user, what harm will it bring to the aluminum strip.

  Hazard 1: friction damage to the surface of aluminum strip. If people are cleaning the aluminum strip and relatively rough cleaning tools, it is easy to repeatedly wipe the damaged aluminum strip in the process of surface friction. The texture of aluminum is not soft, and it is easy to get scratches. Aluminum strip cutting is an obvious quality problem. If the surface scratches will directly affect the quality of the aluminum strip surface.
  Hazard 2: corrosion to aluminum plate. If we use strong acid or alkali detergent instead of neutral detergent in the cleaning of aluminum strip, then it is easy to cause corrosion and damage to the aluminum plate, resulting in changes in the characteristics and appearance of the aluminum plate. At the same time, if the cleaning cannot be dried, the aluminum strip will change color.
  Hazard 3: shorten the life of aluminum strip. Because the wrong cleaning will cause damage to the aluminum strip, it will inevitably shorten the service life of the aluminum strip to a certain extent, resulting in the aluminum strip can not be used for a long time. These are all wrong cleaning will bring harm to the aluminum strip, so when we use the aluminum strip, we must ensure the absolute cleaning work to avoid the bad influence of the wrong cleaning on the aluminum strip.
  The professional aluminum cleaner can be used to clean the black oxide, rust spot, mould spot, carbonate deposit, mechanical particle, oil stain, stamping oil, fingerprint and aluminum chip burr on the surface of aluminum strip and its alloy. Hope the above sharing can help you!
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