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  At present, in the automobile industry, only the high-grade automobile body or part of the aluminum plate is used, and the weight accounts for about 30% of the total mass. It is of great significance to reduce the weight of the vehicle, and the weight of the body. Each 2.33kg reduction can reduce the carbon dioxide emission by one liter. Considering the comfort, durability, lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection of automobile, aluminum alloy is undoubtedly the best choice for modern lightweight materials in automobile industry. As one of the pillar industries in China, the automobile industry will develop rapidly in the coming decades. In order to meet the needs of the development of the automobile industry, the aluminum plate manufacturers have put forward a new task for the automobile die industry in China.
  Compared with steel plate, the transition is relatively stable. The transition area of the outer plate shall be at least 5 times of the step height, and the inner plate shall be at least 3 times of the step height.
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