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  This paper discusses the processing methods of brazed plate and building panel by aluminum plate manufacturers
  1. Heat exchanger brazing plate (coating)
  真空钎焊散热器用的W31C合金是由铝板制造商开发的。该合金是由1-m n-sn合金作为散热器的核心材料和4005合金(ai-9.8% si-0.6% Mg)作为两侧的熔覆层组成。传统上,铝锌合金7072是散热器的核心材料。它作为功能阳极,防止上部管道的腐蚀。但是,这种合金中的锌会发丝,所以不适合制作真空散热器。在W31C合金中,锡代替了传统散热器和铁芯中的锌。该合金已成功开发并广泛应用于管道材料的阳极真空钎焊散热器的生产中。

  W31c alloy for vacuum brazing radiator is developed by aluminum plate manufacturer. The alloy is composed of 1-m n-sn alloy as the core material of radiator and 4005 alloy (ai-9.8% si-0.6% Mg) as the cladding layer on both sides. Traditionally, aluminum zinc alloy 7072 is the core material of radiator. It serves as a functional anode to prevent the corrosion of the upper pipe. However, the zinc in this alloy can hair, so it is not suitable for making vacuum radiator. In w31c alloy, tin replaces zinc in traditional radiator and iron core. The alloy has been successfully developed and widely used in the production of anode vacuum brazing radiator for pipeline materials.
  The thickness of these brazed plates is 0.13x0.16mm. The grain size of the plate is limited to more than 100 microns to prevent excessive diffusion of silicon from the cladding to the core during brazing.
  2. Make colored or anodized panels for building panels
  工业纯铝1050、1100和al-mg 5005因其与6063挤压型材经阳极氧化着色后的优异光泽度而得到广泛应用。阳极氧化后表面出现条纹是一种常见的缺陷。由于这些缺陷对应于铸锭中的不均匀金相缺陷,如极性树状组织或悬浮晶体,因此可以通过控制铸造过程来防止这些缺陷。
  Industrial pure aluminum 1050, 1100 and Al Mg 5005 are widely used because of their excellent glossiness after anodizing and coloring with 6063 extruded profiles. It is a common defect that there are stripes on the surface after anodizing. Because these defects correspond to inhomogeneous metallographic defects in ingots, such as polar dendrite or suspended crystal, these defects can be prevented by controlling the casting process.
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