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  1. Can body blank
SG电子游戏平台   Alloy 3004 in high strength state (super hard state) is used to make tank body. In order to obtain the best combination of strength and drawing characteristics, aluminum plate manufacturers need to strictly control the homogenization, hot rolling, intermediate annealing and cold rolling of ingots.

  薄板退火后抗拉强度降低。采用连续退火工艺(CAL -IA工艺)处理的板材在连续退火线上的抗拉强度比间歇式炉分批-IA工艺处理的板材的抗拉强度高10mpa,如表1所示。
  The tensile strength of the sheet decreases after annealing. The tensile strength of the continuous annealing process (cal-ia process) treated plate on the continuous annealing line is 10MPa higher than that of the batch furnace ia process treated plate, as shown in Table 1.
  2. Tank cover blank
  Alloy 5182-hi8 and alloy 5082-h18 are respectively used to make caps and joints of beer cans or soda cans. When filling drinks, the cans contain air pressure. 5052-hi8 alloy angle is used to make juice beverage cans without air pressure.
  In the production of tank cover blanks with low anisotropy, high strength and good formability, special attention should be paid to the combination of hot rolling, intermediate annealing and cold rolling conditions.
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