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  Of course, we are not new to aluminum coil. It is a kind of material used in many construction projects. New technology is found. It can not only be used in the construction industry, in aerospace and other fields, but also in many applications.
SG电子游戏平台   航空航天领域使用的铝卷要求硬度高,材料的密度不能太大。和当时的生产,其空白的内部组织均匀,晶粒尺寸和形状,铸造缺陷,如点缺陷和线缺陷浓度的变化,取得了显著的进步,扭曲了铸态组织,大大提高金属的加工技术的性能,特别是在深冲性能、热轧轧辊材料无可比拟的优势。因此,铝板不仅应用于生活的各个方面,而且全世界都提倡节能减排。铝合金作为一种环保型材料,正逐步应用于其他领域。

  The aluminum coil used in aerospace field requires high hardness, and the density of the material cannot be too large. With the production at that time, its blank internal structure is uniform, grain size and shape, casting defects, such as point defects and line defect concentration changes, have made remarkable progress, distorted the as cast structure, greatly improved the performance of metal processing technology, especially in deep drawing performance, the incomparable advantages of hot rolling roll material. Therefore, aluminum plate is not only used in all aspects of life, but also advocated energy conservation and emission reduction all over the world. As a kind of environmental protection material, aluminum alloy is gradually applied in other fields.
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