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  The aluminum coil can be made by drawing, and the aluminum coil can be made by mould, which can make its appearance more beautiful, of course, it also plays the role of beauty and anti-corrosion. In the aluminum coil, we need to pay attention to the following problems in order to meet the needs of the majority of users.

  Oil pollution is a common problem, because oil refers to the rolling oil film with excessive oil on the surface of rolled aluminum coil, which can be seen in the process of cutting and finished product inspection. Generally, these oil stains can be reduced through the roll neck or at the exit of the rolling mill, left down, splashing, surface box, grinding roller clear abnormality, rolling mill thickness head drop problem. Of course, these problems can also be avoided. We will strictly check the equipment before, if we find that there are too many oil washing equipment and find out the cause in time, and clean the plate surface.
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