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  1、 Reason for shear structure
  1. 一般冷轧1060铝板的储能约为2000kPa;退火过程中再结晶之前,强回收组织的存储容量可降低到300kPa。
  1. Generally, the energy storage capacity of cold rolled 1060 Aluminum sheet is about 2000 kPa; before recrystallization during annealing, the storage capacity of strong recovery structure can be reduced to 300 kPa. A kind of
SG电子游戏平台   2. 而少量的残余弹性能量中央谷物可以忽略,表面颗粒的弹性能量占1% ~ 3%的存储能量,这将不可避免地导致的差异中央的复苏和再结晶行为和表面颗粒,值得关注。

  2. A small amount of residual elastic energy in the central grain can be ignored, and the elastic energy of the surface particles accounts for 1% - 3% of the storage energy, which will inevitably lead to the recovery and recrystallization behavior of the different central and surface particles, which deserves attention.
  Shear structure characteristics of 21060 aluminum plate
  According to the test and observation, and according to the external load and the stress response between grains, combined with theoretical calculation, it is shown that the pressure ratio of the high shear stress caused by the roll on the surface of the aluminum plate under the pressure of time will be multiplied by the power to be high enough, so that the transverse deflection of the rolling stress state of the roll gap caused by the corresponding shear stress exceeds 40 ° angle, and the surface of the aluminum plate will form shear texture, The texture and the central layer are still sliding on the surface of the normal rolling roll gap. The differential sliding friction of the sliding belt is not an important influence on the stress distribution in the thickness direction of the plate and the formation of the roll structure. Under the time pressure, the deformation rate will cause the surface residual elastic strain energy to increase significantly under the interaction between the particles in the stronger particles, The elastic energy is also closely related to the grain orientation, and has an effect on the subsequent reaction and recrystallization process.
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