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  Automobile heat exchange system includes air conditioner, radiator of water tank, oil cooler, intercooler, heater, etc. They are located at the front end, polluted by rainwater, volatile salt on the road, automobile exhaust, sand dust, soil, etc., as well as repeated cold and hot cycles and periodic vibration of powder. These are the severe challenges faced by heat exchanger material selection, corrosion prevention and connection technology. The traditional heat exchange system is made of copper. However, with the acceleration of automobile lightweight process, energy saving and emission reduction, reducing fuel consumption, improving fuel efficiency and reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, due to the progress of manufacturing technology and assembly technology, aluminum gradually replaces copper in the manufacturing of automobile heat exchange system parts.

  Aluminum sheet and strip foil used in automobile heat exchange materials can force back to the history of 1930's, its large-scale application in 1970's, when the global oil crisis forced automobile companies to design methods for a thousand years to reduce the quality of automobile fuel saving. As a heat exchange material, copper has little space. Aluminum is a new type of heat exchange material to reduce the quality of automobile. It has many advantages: the price is lower than copper. Its density is much lower than that of copper, only one third of that of brass, which can save fuel; the weldability of aluminum is better than that of copper, so the weld strength is higher than that of soft soldering copper. Aluminum alloy has strong corrosion resistance and long service life of heat exchanger, which can be extended from 6 years to 8 years.
  After entering the 21st century, the application of aluminum radiator develops rapidly. Aluminum alloy internal cooler, oil cooler, radiator core and so on have also been developed rapidly.
  Aluminum alloy plate of heat exchange system:
  Commonly used aluminum alloy grades: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, etc.
  2、 Aluminum alloy plate form: aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil.
  Application of aluminum alloy plate in radiator
  The Aluminization rate of automobile heat exchange system is close to 95%, but the Aluminization rate of heavy truck is still low. With the gradual opening of the market in this area, the market of automobile heat exchange aluminum plate material will be larger and larger.
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