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SG电子游戏平台   As an important lightweight material, aluminum alloy plate has become the second largest automotive material after steel due to its advantages of high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good weldability and high recovery rate. However, compared with the traditional automobile, steel and aluminum alloy plate have some shortcomings in forming their own performance, which is easy to form and rebound defects in the process of wrinkling and cracking, especially for the complex inside of the engine cover plate, small relative thickness, high surface quality requirements, the shortcomings of the large cover elements become more prominent.

  In order to further promote the application of aluminum alloy plate in the automobile industry, how to overcome the performance disadvantage of aluminum alloy plate materials and obtain the forming parts that meet the requirements to a large extent has become a hot issue in the industry.
  Secondly, the reasons that affect the stamping of aluminum alloy sheet
  Generally speaking, the main factors that affect the forming performance of auto parts are material performance, forming process parameters and die design. In the process of panel stamping, the optimization of process parameters and die is the main factor to improve the forming quality.
  Research on forming technology of automobile engine hood inner plate based on aluminum alloy
  通过拉伸试验,获得了6016铝合金板的力学性能参数,建立了高精度的有限元分析模型。通过拉延变形模拟,探讨了材料N值、坯料厚径比T /D、压边力、摩擦系数和凹模圆角半径对板料拉延性能的影响。太阳Z C等人CAD软件和有限元相结合,并使用一个可行域序列二次规划算法来优化初始过程辅助表面,并改变了几何参数使工件的厚度变化和表面质量达到最好的,这是成功地应用于方形盒子和减震器。
  Through tensile test, the mechanical properties of 6016 aluminum alloy plate are obtained, and a high-precision finite element analysis model is established. Through the simulation of drawing deformation, the influence of material n value, blank thickness diameter ratio T / D, blank holder force, friction coefficient and die fillet radius on the drawing performance of sheet metal is discussed. Sun ZC and other CAD software are combined with the finite element method, and a feasible region sequential quadratic programming algorithm is used to optimize the auxiliary surface of the initial process, and the geometric parameters are changed to make the thickness change and surface quality of the workpiece reach the best, which is successfully applied to the square box and the shock absorber.
  (1) Die has an important influence on sheet metal formability. Through the numerical analysis of the possible forming defects and the continuous optimization of the die surface, the purpose of improving the material flow is achieved, so as to reduce the forming defects caused by the local structure and improve the forming quality.
  (2) The process parameters have significant influence on the forming quality. In a certain range, with the increase of the blank holder force, the maximum positive springback of the part decreases slightly, the maximum negative springback increases with the increase of the blank holder force, and the overall springback increases with the increase of the die gap.
  (3) The springback of parts can be further reduced by adjusting profile compensation and process parameters. It can be used as the theoretical basis and important reference for the actual production to study the influence law of the forming quality of aluminum alloy sheet and the die surface optimization. Through die manufacturing and debugging, the test results verify the stamping forming of the engine hood inner plate, which is in good agreement with the simulation optimization results.
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