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 1. Hardness of aluminum plate
   aluminum plate has too high hardness and is easy to crack. This requires the selection of good quality aluminum plate, mainly depends on the aluminum plate alloy and state. Generally, the comparison of 1 series, 3 series and 5 series is commonly used. The hardness of 6 series and 7 series is too high, so it is necessary to conduct annealing treatment to o state before bending. There is also the quality of aluminum plate.
2. Thickness of aluminum plate.
太厚的铝板不好折弯,我们一想就理解,尽量运用薄一点的铝板。                 .
 3. The size of bending R angle
   the larger the bending R angle, the higher the success rate, so try to increase the bending R angle to increase the greater.

   the bending direction should be perpendicular to the grain direction of aluminum plate, not parallel.
   for aluminum plate parts requiring wire drawing, the best way is to stretch after bending when the process is allowed, otherwise the probability of bending cracking will be added.
Aluminum plate manufacturers explain the influencing factors of aluminum plate bending cracking
   first of all, state matters
   state is divided into full hard, semi-hard and soft state (usually soft state is called o state). The bending effect of full hard is not very good (aluminum plate state is h18, H19, h38, etc.) and aluminum plate in semi-hard state can be basically bent (H24 is semi-hard). O-state bending is certainly no problem, but because it is too soft, basically using this state to bend less.
   next, do you want pure aluminum or alloy aluminum
纯铝硬度不是很高,用1100、1050、1060等等都可以,推荐用1100  H26的合金铝硬度好一点,可以用3003、3005、5052等半硬状态的都可以的。
   the hardness of pure aluminum is not very high. 1100, 1050, 1060 and so on can be used. It is recommended to use 1100 H26 alloy with better hardness, and 3003, 3005, 5052 and other semi hard states can be used.
    it is suggested to re determine the sample. If 6061, 2024 and 7075 are used, the hardness is too high, especially for T6 state, it should not be bent. Unless the aluminum plate with good quality is re folded after heating, the difference between good quality aluminum plate and poor quality aluminum plate is oxidation performance, tolerance, surface effect, crystal precision and uniform stability, but the bending effect is not different.

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