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Now the appearance of aluminum materials has gradually brought steel materials and become one of the commonly used products in industrial production. Aluminum coil manufacturers believe that coating is a very important process in aluminum plate manufacturing, and the quality of coating directly affects the use effect of products. Today, aluminum coil manufacturers take you to understand the factors affecting the quality of aluminum plate coating.
1. Environment
The aluminum coil manufacturer requires that the interior of the coating room be clean, dustproof, insect proof and certain ventilation performance, so as to ensure that the surface quality of aluminum plate coating is not polluted, and the process conditions are changed timely due to the change of air temperature.

2. Raw materials
The coating and aluminum plate are the key factors affecting the coating quality in the coating process. The aluminum coil manufacturer introduces that due to the color difference between the coating batches, the coating fineness is not enough and the coating rate is not high, the poor coordination between the coating and solvent, delamination and so on will directly affect the coating effect and produce defects. The aluminum coil manufacturer reminds the aluminum coil of the uneven substrate, uneven film thickness, poor edge deflection, etc Therefore, the selection of raw materials should be strictly controlled.
3. Equipment
The aluminum coil manufacturer reminds the coating line that the coating equipment shall be in good condition, and the coating equipment shall run smoothly without horizontal and longitudinal jitter. The coating roller shall be grinded finely, and the lateral runout of all rollers of the coating machine must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the coating surface quality will be seriously affected.
4. Technology
Aluminum coil manufacturers introduce that the coating process is closely related to the coating quality. It is required that the relative linear velocity ratio of coating roller, paint lifting roller, metering roller and substrate should be controlled within a certain range, and a certain viscosity range should be set according to different systems and film thickness of coating products, so as to ensure smooth coating and promote the improvement of product quality. Aluminum coil manufacturers believe that curing process and oven control of coating must be controlled according to the requirements and shall not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise the color difference and performance of coating products will be seriously affected.
The above is the aluminum coil manufacturers to affect the quality of aluminum coating factors, I hope you have some understanding.