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1, look at the surface and section. If the surface and section are bright, it indicates that aluminum alloy has high composition and purity. If the section is black, or the surface is not bright, it shows that this kind of aluminium material is made of recycled materials.
2, look at the intensity. With two kinds of aluminium material, good material and secondary material collision, good material will not have too much scratch, bad material will sink a groove.
SG电子游戏平台 3、看报价。材质不一样,表面处理不一样,铝材的壁厚不一样,报价就不一样,差很远。如果报价低的,多半是次料回收,壁厚太薄,同样1米,人家重4KG的,它才两公斤多,人家壁厚是5MM的,它才1.2MM。


3, look at the offer. Different materials, different surface treatment, different wall thickness of aluminium, different quotations, far from. If the quotation is low, most of them are recycled secondary materials, the wall thickness is too thin, the same 1 meter, people weigh 4KG, it's only two kilograms, people's wall thickness is 5MM, it's only 1.2MM.
About the aluminium coil manufacturer, we first introduced here, I believe you will use the relevant knowledge in the actual work, if you have this need, welcome to buy.